Bib Splash Pants

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These Bib Splash Pants are a lightweight, overall style pant, made with a waterproof, windproof, breathable nylon with high-vis reflective trim at the chest and around the lower legs, just above rubber boot height!

Elasticized cuffs, straps, and side gathers ensure a comfortable fit, and a crosspiece across the back between the adjustable, clippable straps prevents slippage. Elastic foot straps keep these pants tucked safely inside rainboots, or easily fold back out of the way.

Machine washable, hang to dry, and even iron on low.

Splashy is a lovely, family-owned Canadian small business, and their wildly popular one-piece rainsuits have established them as a brand to trust.

These wonderful bib pants will make a great, easily packable layer in all kinds of weather, even over a t-shirt and shorts at the beach in the summer!