Speks Original [ages 14+]

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[This item is web-only. Speks Colours, Geode, and Fleks available by special order.]

By popular request - mashable, smashable, buildable fun. This desk toy is like a magnetic putty, without the mess. Whether your mashing or building pyramids, buckyballs, cubes and more, Speks are guaranteed to provide stress relief. They are the perfect fidget toy - even better than a fidget spinner!

Each set of speks is made from 512 powerful rare earth magnets. Each tiny magnet ball measures 2.5mm and has a low flux rating making them ASTM and CPSC compliant.

[Ginger note: Speks are tiny, strong magnets, and play MUST NOT carry any risk of ingestion. These are strictly for ages 14+, and *only* for people whose scientific investigations *don't* still include what might fit up their nose!]