Peel-off Nail Polish - Green

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"The BEST Water-based, Peel off nail polish made for children! SUYON Nail Polish is the FIRST and ONE & ONLY product with an innovative design and non-toxic formula that is also 100% eco-friendly and cruelty-free!"

This polish complies with the strictest worldwide safety regulations, and is made in France with impeccable quality standards. It's 100% safe, non-toxic, and water based. 

It's low odor (we found we could detect the teeny tiniest whiff when we opened it if we sniffed hard, but none when applying it, or on the nail when dry), and it peels off, so no need for remover! It still stays on well, and can easily last several days.

And our favourite - the adorable bottle topper can be used as a pencil topper or along with modelling clay to make a toy to keep!