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Nelson Math Grade 8 Workbook is an educational resource developed to help students looking to enhance their math skills. It covers the entire Grade 8 curriculum topic by topic. Students can use this workbook to practice what they already know and to also learn and understand concepts they are struggling with in school. Every topic in this workbook is followed by a practice exercises that helps in learning and reinforcing fundamental math concepts that are taught in grade 8. It enhances their aptitude in math and equips them with the knowledge and confidence they need to outperform their classmates.

Nelson has over 100 years of experience in designing learning resources and text books for Canadian schools. This extensive knowledge of Canadian classrooms and deep understanding of the most effective learning methodologies is reflected in the workbook. It offers everything your child needs to learn and master to achieve academic success. The workbook also offers features for parents to get involved, work with their child and monitor their performance to identify math concepts that may need extra attention. They can use the “At home help” feature to help their child with the questions or math concepts he or she is having trouble with. In short, this workbook is a complete math guide and learning resource for Grade 8 students.

Grade 8 Math Outline

Grade 8 math is focused on cultivating various important mathematical concepts in students at a level of complexity outlined below:

Problem Solving: demonstrate an understanding of various methods of structuring and representing whole numbers, decimals, fractions and integers and their use in problem solving
Reasoning and Proving: learn and use reasoning skills to recognize relationships between various mathematical ideas and apply inductive reasoning to assess mathematical arguments and justify its conclusions
Selecting Tools and Computational Strategies: apply a variety of data management tools and computational strategies to solve problems involving whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and integers
Reflecting: learn, understand, and assess the effectiveness of process used in problem solving and verify solutions via alternative methods
Connecting: determine the relationship among variety of math ideas involving numbers, shapes, variables and graphs and apply them to real-life contexts
Representing: apply categorical, discrete, or continuous data and create their graphical representations such as frequency tables, histograms and scatter plots
Communicating: describe, and report on applications of a variety of mathematical ideas and communicate understanding of these ideas effectively, using the correct mathematical vocabulary

Grade 8 math workbook gives great insight into all the above-mentioned topics.


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