LoveyLoch Bath Dough

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LoveyLoch's LoveBathDough is handmade by a wonderful, socially conscious Mom-owned company in New Brunswick!

Developed with the most sensitive skin in mind, this modelling soap will provide tons of fun in the tub and even make all-important handwashing more fun, without worries about irritants for your little one, or you!

"LoveBathDough is play-dough for the bath! Made with the most gentle soap for little bathers, we hope bath time can be made easier with bath dough! Bath dough is fun in the tub and fun by the sink! Use a small piece by the sink to make hand washing more fun!

To use: Guardian should remove LoveBathDough from the bag and knead thouroughly before first use, then let child use freely in the tub! You can divide into pieces or use as a whole. Play, then leave the tub fresh and clean! Store in bag when not in use.

Play with just like play dough! Use a small piece in the bath or all at once for extra fun, with use bath dough gets soapy and sudsy!"