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Foxtail LED

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The Original Foxtail Ball toy, now with LED to light up the sky. A great new version of the original Klutz Foxtail toy. Swing by the tail, catch by the tail.

A safe soft and squishy easy-to-catch and easy-to-throw ball, with a long colourful nylon tail, and a bright LED inside to light it up for brilliant play around the clock! Batteries are included, and easily replaceable!

Finally, we can keep playing after the sun goes down!

Light up the night sky with the newest member of the Foxtail family! 

  • Batteries included (replaceable)
  • Flies over 30 yards
  • Great for ages 8+(yellow ball with magenta-orange-green tail)
  • Includes Foxtail Game Guide Booklet!

(yellow ball with magenta-orange-green tail)


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