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Corolle Minirêve (assorted colours)

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Minirêve: my soft baby doll I can take anywhere. It's the softness I really like.

I like stroking the little square of fabric he's holding in his hand. What my parents really like is his compact size. A 6" mini-soft baby doll that is easy to carry and fits everywhere, whether in a bag, under the pushchair or in a coat pocket. His sweet little vinyl face is so realistic that I feel reassured every time I look at it.
When I need to, I can easily grab hold of his pointed hat, arms or legs and can hug him close to me. I can then feel myself cocooned in the soft vanilla scent that comforts me for a long time.

My Minirêve and I are inseparable. Because even if I leave it somewhere, it will be returned to me as it has a label for writing my name or my parents' telephone number.

Machine washable. Gentle cycle.

mon doudou Corolle: Friends forever. From birth.


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