What is Gingersnap? We are NL's Iocal family-owned toy and children's store! We opened in 2009 up on the main drag of Water Street, and moved down to Water West a few years back. Gingersnap passed from its founders into the hands of a new family at the very end of 2020, and these days Gingersnap is entirely run by one Mom, and her very helpful preschooler. We're so excited about what's to come, but we'll always be dedicated to the high standard of personal customer service, the welcoming kid-friendly atmosphere, and the carefully curated selection that Gingersnap's wonderful customers have supported for more than a decade.

Where are you, and how do I get there? We are located at 803 Water Street, which is in the Water West neighborhood right at the bottom of Waterford Bridge Road, backing on the Waterford River. We have reserved off-street (free) parking spaces in our shared lot between Gingersnap and our wonderful next door neighbors at Found Consignment, and we're right on Metrobus Zip Route 3. The closest bus stop is right in front of our next door neighbors in the bright red building at RDM Industrial, Stop ID 1925.

I'd like to visit, do I need a mask? MASKS APPRECIATED! We're wearing ours, please wear yours! We're happy to accommodate private shopping for folks who are keeping extra safe, and for those with sensory issues with mask use, too. We're well ventilated, and have lots of room for distancing, so if you've forgotten your mask, we won't leave you out in the cold - but please give us a minute to make sure any other visitors are cool with it, since a lot of our favourites are under 5. Whatever your needs, please get in touch, and we'll do our best to make sure you're comfortable and feeling safe. And of course, we always offer curbside pickup (and are happy to make it contactless.)

Do you gift wrap? We totally do! And it's FREE! Add a note at checkout or get in touch to request gift wrapping, and we'll let you know about the wrapping paper designs we currently have available. (Our own custom Gingersnap Wrap is truly recyclable!) We're also happy to customize a gift in any way you'd like - we've done personalized notes, Easter Baskets, you name it. We love a fun idea to make something special and we'll do our best!

Can I do a contactless pickup? Absolutely, any time, always and forever. Give us a call from outside and we'll make it work for you however you prefer. (We always mask up for regular curbside, too.) Whether it's for COVID reasons or just because your kid has fallen asleep in the back of the car, curbside is available. PS: If you're not in a vehicle and the weather is terrible, let us know you're coming and we'll close the inside doors to our spacious porch area so that you don't have to wait outside.

Do you deliver? We sure can! At the moment, we offer free delivery in the metro area for orders over $40. We try to make our delivery runs within the week, and we'll get in touch right away to schedule. We generally do a contactless doorstep drop, and you're welcome to let us know your preferences! (Ginger note: This policy might change a little in the future, as our delivery person happens to be also just me, in my ancient little car - but I'm ALWAYS happy to drop things off whenever I'm able, or if I happen to be in your area. Don't hesitate to ask about it if getting to the shop for pickup is difficult for you.)

Do you ship outside of Newfoundland and Labrador? Yes we CAN ship to you, anywhere! At the moment, we handle out-of-province shipping by hand, so we'll get shipping rate options for you and process payment for shipping separately. (You can tag your order for pickup, and add a note to let us know you'd like it shipped - we haven't figured out a way to add an option for this that doesn't seem to confuse people, but we're working on it!) As always, get in touch if you have any questions.

Is your store accessible? Nope, and we are sorry about that. We're plagued by 1-2 steps at both entrances, and some pretty old/narrow/heavy doors. We dream of better, and we're working on it. We do have a low cash counter with room to pull close, and we make sure that we keep the space inside open for easy maneuverability. But, getting inside, while not impossible, can be tough. We will always lend a hand under your direction, if we can be useful. (This goes for folks with strollers, too.)

I placed an order but I don't see a confirmation email! Please check your spam folder! Orders are always ready right away when we're open, whether you see your pickup notification or not.

Refund policy? We offer exchange or store credit on returns. We're a wee tiny business, so that's our policy, but we'll always do our best to take care of you!


How do I contact you? You can message us via facebook or instagram, email shop@gingersnapkids.ca, or call (709) 237-SNAP(7627). We'll do our very best to get back to you asap!