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Fall Sale Time! (and a bit of important news)

Starting next week, you'll notice reduced hours at the shop for a while.
SO, in the meanwhile to thank you for your patience and support in past and coming days, we're having a sale here at the webstore - SAVE 15% with code "ILOVEGINGERSNAP" 🧡
Full disclosure, because I don't think we talk openly about this enough - I'm taking some time to focus on thoroughly trouncing breast cancer.
We're still figuring it out, so bear with us - but I'll be stepping away from the shop for at least a few weeks starting in November, and as a wee little business in weird pandemic times, that means we'll likely be closed on weekdays for a time.
*We'll still be OPEN online, and working on website improvements, too!*
We're aiming to open on Saturdays for in-store shopping and web order pick-up, and we'll still offer delivery in the metro area - Make sure you like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep in the loop on schedule updates and new arrivals.
On a personal note, I'll just say that I'm feeling deeply supported and very lucky for it, and that if you, like me, are pretty young but have a looming family history of this stuff, demand to get screened early. It's worth it.
(Courtesy of @savaslab on Twitter:)
For self referral (no primary care provider required), call toll free:
Breast Screening:
Cervical screening:
Colon Screening:
Wish me luck! (and wear your masks, friends) 🧡
<3 dani (ginger)
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