Contactless Shopping Update

Our little winter break is over, (boy, did I ever need it!) and we're rested, boosted, and back to our regular winter hours tomorrow. 

HOWEVER, I'll be asking our lovely customers to take some extra precautions this week, so please make note!

If have an order to pick up, or know what you need, please park in one of our Gingersnap spaces, on the west side of the bldg, in the lot between us and Found Consignment (if those spots are occupied, just let me know where you've parked instead.) Call the shop, or message via messenger for contactless curbside pickup. 
We can take card payment curbside, and accept payment by e-transfer, so it's okay if you haven't ordered ahead!
If you don't have a phone on hand or a vehicle to wait in, please use the front Water St. door and wait in the porch, and I'll help you out right away!
If you don't know what you need, I'll give you a hand from there, or let you know if the shop is empty and clear for entry.
I'll be keeping things contactless as much as possible this week - as a lot of you know, my little one comes to work with me regularly, and he's a short time away from being eligible for immunization. We're privileged to rely on family for supplemental childcare, but that also means that an unlucky sniffle in the mix makes for a tricky situation. So, extra careful we'll be! 
I'll revisit this on a weekly basis, and also if there are any changes to public health recommendations. (and I welcome feedback about what you're all comfortable with - this is a tough choice to make!)
We know this is an incredibly challenging month for everyone, and I'm so deeply grateful for your support. We'll still be here to help make your time at home a little easier and a bit more fun, even if we're waving through the window!
Keep your eyes peeled this week for upcoming preorders, sales, and new products, and stay safe lovelies!
<3 Gingersnap
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